This website is for Zacs memory chests. These chests are made by the Hunters in memory of their son Zachary. Zachary and his twin brother Kyle were born in July 2003. Within weeks he developed a severe rash and was diagnosed with Histiocytosis at 9weeks old. After 3 1/2 years of being treated with chemotherapy he gained his angel wings on April 11, 2007. My husband Ed made the first chest for Zac's special things. Soon we wanted to reach out to other families who also had an angel child and started to offer chests to others. These chests have been shipped all over the country and even Canada. We especially became close to our home hospital clinic(AMC) over the years during treatment and would like to offer to those families locally.

Our hero Zac


My Projects


The memory chests have been a project for several years for us. Each one has a different theme. The family can chose favorite characters etc. My husband does wood burning on the front and each name design by hand. Photos are displayed behind glass on the front and top of the chest. Currently we are making the chests out of oak.

zac's memory chest

These chests are bereavement gifts and we do not charge the families who receive them. We do accept donations that is put towards supplies and shipping. We would like to thank all the heartfelt donations we have received. Each donation has been a blessing that we have been able to reach out to another family that has traveled this similiar path.


We can be contacted at khunter001@nycap.rr.com if you would like an address to send a donation to. God Bless.