About Me

Name: Kim Hunter
Hometown: Middle Grove, New York


Hobbies: reading,scrapbooking, having fun with the kids


My motto:

Hi, my name is Kim Hunter.  We were blessed to be the parents of our son Zachary. He changed our lives and we were so happy to have each day with him. He faced so many challenges in his young life and did it mostly with a smile. He taught us so much. With his death in 2007 our lives were forever changed. Since then we have tried to reach out to families who have also dealt with the dealth of a child. These chests are bereavement gifts. I help with the process of making these memory chests. My husband Ed does all the woodworking and woodburning. I help with the photos, embellishments, emails and shipping. We make these in our spare time. While we cannot change the road these families have traveled, we hope that this can give them some comfort.

We carry on Zac's memory by making these chests. Our lives are also blessed with our other children, Heather, Kyle(Zac's twin) and Justice.

zac and the staff at clinic